Julie Anne San Jose - Filipina singer and actress

Julie Anne San Jose (born May 17, 1994 in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines) is a Filipina singer and actress who is a contract artist of GMA Network. Currently, she is a Senior student at Angelicum College, Quezon City. She is taking up Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts.

Rise to stardom: 2010–2011

After SOP ended, Julie Anne was re-cast into the replacement show Party Pilipinas as a solo artist. As she evolved as a performer, Julie Anne was able to showcase her singing, dancing and acting abilities onstage. She also had tandem performances with Elmo Magalona or with Frencheska Farr. She has done five short films for the Red Mask/Yellow Note series 1 and 2, and starred in Party Pilipinas musicals Blue Jeans The Musical (2011), Elmo and Julie Anne: A Wazak Love Story (2012), and Status: It's Complicated.

On April 2011, Julie Anne started to do UStreams for her fans with a different theme every time. It is a webcast where she performs songs based on the theme. Her viral video "Superbass", now with 16 million views, is from one of her UStreams. This viral video was a factor for her selection as David Archuleta's front act in July 2011. Julie Anne was then included as support cast in the GMA-7 shows Andres De Saya and Daldalita.
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