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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Julie Anne San Jose - Filipina recording artist, performer, musician, actress

Julie Anne San Jose is an 18-year old recording artist, performer, musician, actress, and product endorser from GMA-7. She is seen weekly in Party Pilipinas, and has a self-titled studio album available in record stores nationwide, and downloadable via iTunes.

2013. The year that Julie Anne San Jose shows us that she’s coming into her own as Asian Pop Sweetheart with her first major concert, “Julie Anne: It’s My Time,” on May 11, 2013, Saturday, 8:00 PM at the Music Museum.

Julie Anne celebrates not just her 19th year but also the triple platinum success of her self-titled album from GMA Records. This is also a time for her to give back the love she has been receiving from her fans who have watched her grow from a Pop Star Kids contestant to a platinum recording artist.

Her first exposure to show business was a stint on Eat Bulaga’s ‘Little Miss Philippines’ where she bagged the first runner-up title. But it wasn’t the klieg lights that led her back to perform in front of the cameras, it was her music. Landing one of the top five spots in Popstar Kids gave her the chance to be a part of Sugarpop, a group of singing tweens who churned two albums. Eventually, this gave her the chance to appear in different GMA shows as well as recording theme songs for primetime hits like Dyesebel and the Kapuso network’s summer station ID. Julie Anne was also hailed as Aliw Awards’ Best Teen performer in 2011. On the same year, Julie Anne also had her first solo concert, ‘Spread The Love.’ Her outstanding musicality can be witnessed every Sunday on Party Pilipinas where her performance ranges from pop, hip-hop and dance music to high-note showdowns to Shakespeare-inspired musicals. Read more about Julie Ann San Jose...

7 Natural Wonders to See Before You Die

Do you have a bucket list, or perhaps a travel list of places and things you want to see before you die? The thing is, that list just keeps on growing and growing the more you learn about the world. We wanted to show you just how miraculous the world we live in really is.

In 1997, CNN released a list of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and there are so many more. We've pulled together our own seven to add to theirs - but it's still not enough!

See this 7 natural wonders before you die! -By Nadia Carriere

Eye of the Sahara
This marvel is located in the Sahara desert of west-central Mauritania. It's an incredible structure consisting of colvanic rocks, lava flows and carbonatites. Scientists once thought the dome was created by an asteroid impact, but now they say it is a deeply eroded geologic dome.

Photo by: Flickr/Alaskan Dude
Grand Prismatic Spring
No that isn't a photoshopped image! The amazing and colourful Rainbow Lake is the largest hot spring in the USA and the third largest in the world. Its vivid colors are caused by the combination of the mineral-rich water, the pigmented bacteria found in the lake and its temperature.

Photo by: Ravn
Ha Long Bay
Located in the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam, this bay is one incredible sight that runs along the coastline. What makes it so amazing? The thousands of limestone islands, karsts and isles that are completely covered in jungle vegetation.

Photo by: Dan Lundberg
Marble Caves, Chile
In the center of Lake General Carrera you will find the incredible Marble Caves with Marble Chapel and Marble Cathedral. It has been estimated that this massive block of marble weighs approximately 5 billion tons and has formed caves, tunnels and caverns thanks to 6,200 years of wave movement.

Photo by: Lucag
Salar de Uyuni
From first glance it looks like a huge white ocean, but the truth is this flat is thought to contain over ten billion tons of salt. It's the largest salt flat in the world and spans 4,086 square miles in southwest Bolivia. As part of the Andes, it is located 11,995 feet above sea level.

Photo by: photographer glen
The Blue Grotto
There is an intense blue light that floods this famous cave in Capri, Italy. The brilliant blue color is caused by two tiny holes in the cave wall that are barely visible to those you look for it. If you place your hand underwater it will "glow" mysteriously thanks to the cave conditions and nature of the light.

Photo by: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
The Great Blue Hole
This incredible underwater sinkhole measures 984 feet across and plunges 394 feet deep. It's one of the top 10 best scuba diving spots in the world. You'll find it off the coast of Belize.


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